Fajr: 6:00AM; Dhuhr: 1:15PM; 'Asr: 4:15PM; Maghrib: 5 minutes after sunset; 'Isha: 8:00PM




(18 Jumādā Al-Awwal 1438)





Friday February 17, 2017

10601 River Road

Potomac, MD 20854  



  Khateeb: Imam Tarif Shraim


  Preceded with Qirat by Qarī Anas @1:05 PM 

If further information is needed, pls call 301-537-8350 /240-476- 1351




Daily Prayer (Iqamah) Times at ICCP  

Note the Fajr, Dhuhr & 'Asr time changes

 Fajr: 6:00AM; Dhuhr: 1:15PM'Asr: 4:15PM; Maghrib: 5 minutes after sunset; 'Isha: 8:00PM


Volunteers needed for 

Muslim Jewish Coordinators Planning Meeting

Need volunteers for the Muslim Jewish Coordinators Planning Meeting

organized by the Jewish-Islamic Dialogue Society of Washington (JIDS).

1-4 pmFebruary 19, 2017 at McLean, VA

Lunch/Refreshments will be served

RSVP:  Sultan Chowdhury, sultanc2012@yahoo.com; 240-476-1351

Nazli Chadhry, n99310c@yahoo.com




 Friday Night Halaqa on the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ()

Led by Dr. Tarek Elgawhary

 February 17, 2016

7:00PM – 8:15PM




Sunday Fajr Qur'an Halaqa

immediately following Fajr prayers

Led by Imam Tarif Shraim

February 19, 2017

6:15AM - 7:45AM

Surat At-Taghābun (The Mutual Disillusion - 64) - سورة التغابن 




Sunday Qur'an & Arabic Class 

February 19, 2017

10:00AM - 1:00PM

Instructor: Imam Ali S'bai

Please contact Br. Yussouf: kidsquran@iccpmd.org  or call 612-987-1846

with any questions or inquiries about enrollment.




Qur'an Recitation Class - Weekdays

Register for weekday afternoon or evening private or group classes with Qarī Anas Benzari Please call Br. Anas 571-290-9350, or email to support@iccpmd.org with any questions.


2016 Tax Letters

ICCP Donor Contribution Letters for Tax purposes have been mailed. If any donors do not receive their letters so far, please contact Treasurer Mohamed Reyal by email : reyal.usa@gmail.com or call/txt 202-441-6761



Our Neighbors Extend Their Support

The St. John's Episcopal at Chevy Chase delivered their support level [click to see the letter] with over 50 hand-written cards (see picture below) from the congregants last Friday Jummah. Their community life coordinator, Anne Derse, a retired US Ambassador, and her colleagues, attended Jummah and enjoyed lunch with us together.




Our Girl Scout sisters, Dale & Emma Glass, also sent us their support and well-wishes.

We will always be together to support each other for justice and peace.



Interfaith Joint Prayer Vigil on Thursday, 2/9/17, at the Bradley Hills Presbyerian Church/Bethesda Jewish Congregation. Br. Tarif co-officiated along with other faith leaders in the county.  It was a very successful event; you may enjoy the YouTube link of the event:  Interfaith Worship Service - February 9, 2017



****************************** ****************************** 

Our Sacred Texts--Informing our Creed, Culture, and Code The interfaith workshop on Sunday, 2/12/17. Dr. Tarek Elgawhary was one of panelists. A very well attended event within the proximity of ICCP at the Potomac Presbyterian Church, River Rd.  





Save your date: ICCP Sisters Luncheon

Sunday March 5, 2017

1 pm @ ICCP café 


The next ICCP Sisters Lunch & Discussion will be on Sunday, March 5, 2017, at 1 P.M. at ICCP.

The discussion topic will be "Maximizing Your Sphere of Influence."

The brunch will be catered and the cost is $15/per person.




ICCP/Redeemer Qur'an Exhibition Viewing


ICCP and Redeemer church community members enjoyed the Quran Exhibition at the Smithsonian Sackler Gallery on Feb., 12th, 2017. It was an “magnificent” visiting, and a “blessing to see various Quran”, such as oldest Quran, largest Quran, Quran written in Prophet’s Mosque, Quran in silk, etc. There was a remarkable feeling of happiness during this visiting.




We specially thank Susan Grigsby from Redeemer church provided the tours. We also thank Sr. Nilofer, Sr. Jennifer, Sr. Shadia from ICCP to organize the trip.


This Quran Exhibition will end by Feb. 20th. Please do visit if you get a chance.



ICCP Sleeping Bag Drive Report


Alhamdulillah, in total we collected $3032 dollars.

We bought 71 sleeping bags, within which 56 were distributed at the Franklin Square Park in DC, and 15 were donated to Miriam's Kitchen Shelter in DC. We also made 53 food bags with these sleeping bags and distributed at the Franklin Square Park.



Remaining $600 was sent to Muslim women and refugee Muslimat inNissa Shelter in Baltimore.



Call for ICCP Cub Scouts Pack Registration 

 Please register your boys (1st-5th graders) for fantastic outdoor activities, citizenship and character building. Should you have any questions, and/or want more details, please contact Br. Marwan moweis@gmail.com or Br. Rumman eaglesphilly@gmail.com



ICCP Rasha group meeting

Friday February 17, 2017

5:00 – 7:00 pm @ ICCP café


This week the girls will meet making vanilla and chocolate cake pops.




ICCP Boy Scouts Troop 195 meeting

Sunday February 19, 2017

4 pm @ ICCP café 

This is the Boy Scouts regular weekly meeting on Sundays.




​Halaqa Series: “The Seerah of Prophet Muhammad () – The Prophet () Dealing with The Munāfiqūn (Hypocrites)”- (Session 17) - Dr. Tarek Elgawhary - 2/10/17



Jumu'ah Khutba:  "Certainty is Not Violated By Doubt " - Dr. Tarek Elgawhary - 2/10/17





For those who have returned to Allah:  إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ -  Br. Moulay Ali El Ouazzani (January 25) beloved father of Br. Sidi Thami El Ouazzani


For those in need of Healing: Sr. Nurun Chowdhury (mother of Sultan Chowdhury & Hamida Chowdhury & Mafiz Chowdhury); Br. Irfan Mohammed (husband of Shifa Mohiuddin); Br. Ramazan Guru (father of Mohammad Yussouf Guru); Br. Muhammad Zaman (father of Shadia Zaman);


     For those who are traveling: for all those traveling; special duas for those traveling for 'Umrah.  


 * if you would like to request duas for someone in any of these sections or others, please send us their names for the newsletter


We welcome your comments and/or questions.

Please direct them to Asiyah: support@iccpmd.org


Daily Prayer

February 20, 2017
23 Jumada Al-Awwal 1438
Prayers Adhan Iqama
Fajr 5:40 am 6:00 am
Dhuhr 12:23 pm 1:15 pm
Asr 3:26 pm 4:15 pm
Maghrib 5:53 pm 5 mins after Sunset
Isha 7:07 pm 8:00 pm

Jumu'ah Prayer

1:15PM - by Imam Tarif Shraim - 2/17/2017