The ICCP Weekly A Community Calendar of Events April 2, 2020 ~ 9 Shaban 1441  Telephone: (301) 983-0383 Visit Our Website
ICCP Closed
At this time, ICCP is closed for ALL ACTIVITY, including individual and congregational prayers. All social events scheduled outside are also postponed until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.
Prayer Times For the most update prayer times for your area, we suggest using: http://www.muslimpro.com/prayer-times A Jumu'ah talk will be live streamed by Dr. Tarek Elgawhary at 1:15 pm on April 3, 2020 Click HERE to subscribe to our YouTube Channel
NEW! Weekly Webinar - A Community Conversation Thursday's at 7:50pm ~ starting April 2 Dr. Tarek Elgawhary and Imam Tarif Shraim
  • Keep connected!
  • Listen to relevant reflections, followed by Q&A and a group dua
  • The webinar will be held via Zoom
    • Join using this link  Meeting ID: 913 886 5541
    • To call in, find your local number here
    • For more instruction on how to use zoom click here
NEW! Sunday Qur'an Halaqa via ZOOM! Sunday, April 5, 2020 ~ 6:30 am - 7:30 am Imam Tarif Shraim
Nisf of Shaban 0e16ab73-ce7c-44a9-82b2-2b0eb834ade3 Insha'Allah, Tuesday (4/7) evening, the auspicious night of Nisf of Shaban will take place, also known as Laylatul Bara'ah (The night of freedom from Fire). Traditions of Prophet Muhammad  salla, prove that it is a meritorious night in which the people of the earth are attended by special Divine Mercy.   ICCP intends to host a special live session on this eve, insha'Allah.

$ 4 $ Dollar for Dollar Match up to $50,000

A generous member of ICCP has pledged to match donations from February 20 - April 20, insha'Allah. ICCP has operational, maintenance and community support programs for which we depend on the generosity of the community. 

  • As the center is closed temporarily, members may wish to send your usual contributions mailed to: ICCP, 10601 River Road, Potomac, MD  20854 or use the DONATE button below.
The donor specifically intends to encourage our many new ICCP members to support youth programs in the new Barn wing of the Masjid; we need everyone's help to make this happen! All contributions are tax-exempt as ICCP is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization. Thank you, and may Allah (swt) reward you for your generosity.
This Week's Talks
Jumu'ah Talk  Dr. Tarek Elgawhary Friday, April 3, 2020 ~ 1:15 pm via YouTube livestream Friday Evening Talk Dr. Tarek Elgawhary Pre-recorded and released by Saturday, April 4 morning Sunday Fajr Qur'an and Modern Life VIA ZOOM Imam Tarif Shraim (see above for details)
Sunday "Faith over Despair Imam Tarif Shraim Pre-recorded and released on Sunday, April 5.
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ICCP Online Classes  Seniors Yoga Tuesdays ~ 11:30 am
Women's Yoga Saturdays ~ 9:00 am
Wednesday Quran Class 6:30-8:00 pm
Friday Quran Class  Beginners 1 ~ 6:30 pm Beginners 2 ~ 5:30 pm Advanced ~ 7:30 pm
Sunday School
  • 10:30 am - 1:00 pm
    • with usual snack break in between classes
For questions regarding any of the classes, please contact zamrooda.ahad@gmail.com  (240) 535-7325
ICCP COVID-19 Support to Ar-Rashidun
In times of tribulation, helping those in need is a religious and moral duty.
  • ICCP will increase our current efforts to support the Ar-Rashidun community in DC, effective immediately.
  • Please click here for more information on how they are helping at-risk communities and how your donation will be used, and here for videos illustrating their recent efforts.
  • To Donate:  please email niloferfakroddin@gmail.com
Special Needs and COVID-19
6b30041a-b2ca-4ae1-a6a2-1a46f2df2a35 If you need services or would like to offer your services, please contact volunteer@muhsen.org 
Audio Recordings
Jumu'ah Talk - March 27, 2020 Imam Tarif Shraim "Ask Allah for His Forgiveness" click here to watch
Friday Halaqa Series - The Path To Forgiveness (2) Dr. Tarek Elgawhary click here to watch
Sunday Fajr Halaqa - Qur'an and Modern Life (QML)  Imam Tarif Shraim Surah Waqiah (The Inevitable) Click here to listen
New Series: Faith Over Despair (Episode 1) Imam Tarif Shraim Click here to watch
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Blood Donors Needed . ICCP encourages healthy community members ages 16 and up to schedule an appointment to donate blood or platelets.  According to the Red Cross, "Donating is a safe process and people should not hesitate to give or receive blood or platelets. We have implemented additional precautions to ensure safety of our donors and staff."  Please visit here for details


اللهم رب الناس، أذهب الباس، واشفه وأنت الشافي؛ لا شفاء إلا شفاؤك، شفاء لا يغادر سقماً Allahuma rabbi-nas adhhabal ba'sa, ashfi wa entashafi, la shifa' illa shifa'uka shifa' la yughadiru saqa

Oh Allah! The Sustainer of Mankind! Remove the illness, cure the disease. You are the One Who cures. There is no cure except Your cure. Grant us a cure that leaves no illness.

Du'a Request
We ask our ICCP Community to make a special du'a for Sr. Farida Elminyawi, Dr. Tarek Elgawhary's wife, who is recovering from a vehicle accident. May Allah (swt) grant her a full and speedy recovery, insha'Allah.
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