Young Adult Halaqas

This ICCP  group currently meets on a monthly basis to engage in a mix of activities and discussions led by Imam Tarif Shraim who is the Muslim chaplain at the University of Maryland. He has served in this capacity for well over a decade. His
natural rapport with the youth, and his breadth of experience paves the way for valuable insight and oftentimes resolution of the
issues our youth experience.

Over the past year and a half, some of the topics which have been  discussed include:

Stories from the Qur’an
Gender Interactions
Picking your friends in life
Peer pressure
Time management
Dealing with family dynamics and challenges
Racism and how it manifests itself in our culture

Some of the activities they have enjoyed together include:
Billy goat trail nature hikes – reflecting on Allah’s Signs
Bowling nights
Barbecues at the Center
Board game nights
Spa Day
Our programs will insha’Allah continue to evolve to meet the dynamic needs of our youth.

Annual Hujjaj Reception
These young adults organize an annual gathering to welcome back those just returning from Hajj. It’s a beautiful assembly which promotes much interaction among community members and spiritual reflection in an atmosphere conducive to such thoughts.