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 Qur’an Reflections

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A journey of reflecting on a Surah every session with Imam Tarif Shraim began in August 2014 soon after ICCP’s first Ramadān on River Road. Every evening of that Ramadān, Imam Tarif and Dr. Tarek Elgawhary alternated nights in elucidating the full house with a brief explanation, in English, of some highlights from the verses which had  just been recited during the Taraweeh prayer. It was enough to leave everyone seeking more from our relationship with the Qur’an.

That is how this program was borne.

Imam Tarif has focused on communicating the main themes, structure and key lessons from each Surah. This greater insight into a few verses of every Surah has paved the way for more compelling reflection. Admittedly, such an approach is barely even skimming the surface since one Surah is covered every week – a monumental and daunting undertaking by any standards. Nonetheless it has increased our understanding, particularly as these Divine Words pertain to our world today, and to our individual lives.

Imam Tarif has led these educational and enlightening sessions by highlighting some of the layered meanings of the verses, and subsequently engaging the audience in an active question and answer discussion. Participation in these sessions has nourished our souls and increased connection with our Rabb. Alhamdu lillah.