ICCP welcomes St. Patrick’s Episcopal School

ICCP hosted 5 staff members and 47 students from St. Patrick’s Episcopal School on March 8, 2017. Reverend Solter, a teacher at St. Patrick’s, arranges for the students to visit different faith places of worship in and around the DC area as part of their religious studies every year. This year she asked Sister Fariha Jafrani if she could arrange a visit to ICCP.  

 The meeting was held in ICCP’s Musullah (prayer area) where Dr. Tarek Elgawhary, Resident Scholar at ICCP, gave a fifteen-minute talk followed by a half hour Q&A discussion. The students had very intelligent questions about different aspects of the Muslim tradition and faith, which were answered beautifully by him. After the talk, the Adhān (call for prayer) for the afternoon prayer, Dhuhr, was given and the students witnessed the Dhuhr prayer as it was performed in congregation. This was a novel experience for all of them and they sat very respectfully during the entire Adhān and prayers. I 

St. Patrick’s also visited a Synagogue and a Buddhist temple the day they visited ICCP. The feedback received from the students and teachers was that ICCP was the best religious site they had visited that day and they were very impressed with the Imam since he seemed very approachable, and the kids could easily connect to him. According to Reverend Solter one of the students said, “ I just loved being at a place that was so welcoming. Even the people who came in to pray were really nice.” ICCP hopes to continue to build a strong relationship with St. Patrick’s and other schools in the area