Rashidun DC


 RashidunDC has been in ICCP’s focus for nearly four years. Our assistance has enabled a small group of committed volunteers led by Imam Ali to make a difference in thousands of lives in the nation’s capital through direct services they receive in the spirit of fulfilling neighborly needs in Islam.
RashidunDC serves the most underserved community which government aid doesn’t o&en reach:

● the homeless

● citizens returning from prison

● seniors


These are the people who will be most affected by COVID-19.



Currently Rashidun DC is delivering fresh meat and vegetables and cooked food through the following in-house programs:

● Feed the Hood (twice a week)

● Senior Citizens Delivery

● Diaper Bank

● Halal Meat Deliveries (twice a week)

● Grocery Delivery supplied through Capital Food Bank


With an increase in ICCP’s donations, the following will be made available, insha’Allah:

● Substantial increase in the Capital Food Bank Program, transportation and handling

● Toiletries and other day to day needs

● Senior Citizen urgent care

● Pepco Friendship Program: program to directly pay PEPCO bills on behalf of Rashidun community members who may need such assistance