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*snap* *snap* welcome to our photo albums! Be sure to check back often as we plan on updating this regularly. Also, stop by one of our events and make your way onto this page 😉
Eid al-Adha June 2024
Eid al-Adha June 202436 photos
Sunday School Graduation June 2024
Sunday School Graduation June 202446 photos
Parenting in a Neurodiverse World
Parenting in a Neurodiverse World8 photos
Friday Quran Class Graduation June 2024
Friday Quran Class Graduation June 202412 photos
Hunger Van Recognition
Hunger Van Recognition6 photos
Gaza meals
Gaza meals25 photos
Eid Picnic 2024
Eid Picnic 2024292 photos
Eid ul Fitr 2024
Eid ul Fitr 202494 photos
Interfaith Iftar 2024
Interfaith Iftar 202435 photos
February Hunger Van
February Hunger Van14 photos
Public speaking event
Public speaking event9 photos
Hunger Van
Hunger Van8 photos
Islamic Arts Festival
Islamic Arts Festival11 photos
Thanksgiving 2023
Thanksgiving 202326 photos
Khalifatul Ardh Day
Khalifatul Ardh Day66 photos
Potomac Area Interfaith Communities
Potomac Area Interfaith Communities11 photos
Interfaith Prayer
Interfaith Prayer21 photos
Mawlid Celebration 2023
Mawlid Celebration 202371 photos
First Day of Sunday School 2023-34
First Day of Sunday School 2023-3422 photos
Final Week Summer Camp
Final Week Summer Camp8 photos
Summer Camp Week 5
Summer Camp Week 513 photos
Paddle The Potomac
Paddle The Potomac31 photos
Summer Camp Week 4
Summer Camp Week 412 photos
Summer Camp Week 3
Summer Camp Week 330 photos
Summer Camp Week 2
Summer Camp Week 218 photos
ICCP Summer Camp Week 1
ICCP Summer Camp Week 145 photos
ICCP Summer Camp
ICCP Summer Camp11 photos
Eid al Adha 1444
Eid al Adha 144421 photos
Sunday school Graduation
Sunday school Graduation36 photos
ICCP 6th Annual Tajweed and Tarteel Celebration
ICCP 6th Annual Tajweed and Tarteel Celebration29 photos
June Hunger Van
June Hunger Van6 photos
Activity Center Kids Fundraiser
Activity Center Kids Fundraiser13 photos
Trash Cleanup Volunteering
Trash Cleanup Volunteering14 photos
Nature Talk With Sunday School Students
Nature Talk With Sunday School Students16 photos
Native Plants Gardening Day
Native Plants Gardening Day47 photos
Eid Picnic
Eid Picnic46 photos
Eid Prayers
Eid Prayers61 photos
Eid Pictures
Eid Pictures23 photos
Sunday School Kids Presenting Sadaqa
Sunday School Kids Presenting Sadaqa5 photos
Annual Rashidun Iftar
Annual Rashidun Iftar17 photos
Youth Qiyam
Youth Qiyam9 photos
Annual Interfaith Iftar
Annual Interfaith Iftar20 photos
Electronics Waste Drop-Off Event
Electronics Waste Drop-Off Event21 photos
Kids Paint Date
Kids Paint Date13 photos
interfaith prayer vigil
interfaith prayer vigil
March Hunger Van
March Hunger Van8 photos
Interfaith Prayer Vigil Address
Interfaith Prayer Vigil Address2 photos
ICCP Youth Retreat 2023
ICCP Youth Retreat 202317 photos
Sunday school Sadaqa Race
Sunday school Sadaqa Race10 photos
Hunger Van 2/25
Hunger Van 2/2523 photos
Isra Wa'l Miraj
Isra Wa'l Miraj2 photos
Earthquake Relief Efforts
Earthquake Relief Efforts14 photos
MLK Hunger Van
MLK Hunger Van29 photos
Umrah 2022
Umrah 202219 photos
Activity Building Update
Activity Building Update12 photos
Hunger Van 12/17
Hunger Van 12/1713 photos
World Cup Watch Party
World Cup Watch Party31 photos
ICCP Thanksgiving
ICCP Thanksgiving23 photos
Thanksgiving Set-Up
Thanksgiving Set-Up12 photos
Clothing Activity
Clothing Activity19 photos
Thanksgiving Service of PAIC
Thanksgiving Service of PAIC7 photos
Activity Building Update - November 2022
Activity Building Update - November 20227 photos
Hunger Van 10/29
Hunger Van 10/295 photos
Adopt a Road Project
Adopt a Road Project8 photos
ICCP International Festival
ICCP International Festival29 photos
Environmental Team at Int Festival
Environmental Team at Int Festival8 photos
ICCP Annual Mawlid 2022
ICCP Annual Mawlid 202251 photos
September 2022 Hunger Van
September 2022 Hunger Van15 photos
Sunday School - week 2
Sunday School - week 210 photos
First day of Sunday School 2022-23
First day of Sunday School 2022-2313 photos
Sunday School Summer Camp
Sunday School Summer Camp33 photos
Hunger Van - August 2022
Hunger Van - August 202220 photos
ICCP Summer Camp - Final Week
ICCP Summer Camp - Final Week32 photos
Activity Building Excavation
Activity Building Excavation5 photos
Summer Camp week 8
Summer Camp week 816 photos
ICCP Summer Camp Week 7
ICCP Summer Camp Week 777 photos
Summer camp Week 6
Summer camp Week 621 photos
Summer Camp Week 5
Summer Camp Week 532 photos
Summer Camp Week 4
Summer Camp Week 437 photos
Eid al Adha 1443
Eid al Adha 14435 photos
ICCP Henna Night
ICCP Henna Night9 photos
Summer Camp Week 3
Summer Camp Week 315 photos
Summer Camp Week 2
Summer Camp Week 215 photos
Summer Camp 2022
Summer Camp 20227 photos
ICCP Sunday School Graduation
ICCP Sunday School Graduation36 photos
Tajweed and Tarteel Competition 2022
Tajweed and Tarteel Competition 202225 photos
Activity building Update
Activity building Update8 photos
May 21 Hunger van
May 21 Hunger van17 photos
Eid al Fitr Picnic
Eid al Fitr Picnic19 photos
Eid al Fitr 1443
Eid al Fitr 144328 photos
Henna Night!
Henna Night!10 photos
Youth Circle Qiyam and Bonfire
Youth Circle Qiyam and Bonfire6 photos
April Hunger Van
April Hunger Van14 photos
Iftar with Ar-Rashidun Community
Iftar with Ar-Rashidun Community18 photos
Youth Circle Jeopardy!
Youth Circle Jeopardy!12 photos
Archery with Youth Circle
Archery with Youth Circle12 photos
Ivy City Masjid Iftar
Ivy City Masjid Iftar11 photos
ICCP Groundbreaking Event
ICCP Groundbreaking Event22 photos
Qirat Competition 2022
Qirat Competition 20224 photos
Isra Wa'l Mir'aj program
Isra Wa'l Mir'aj program13 photos
Feb. 2022 Hunger Van
Feb. 2022 Hunger Van10 photos
Hunger Van in Mecca
Hunger Van in Mecca6 photos
December 2021 Hunger Van
December 2021 Hunger Van15 photos
Thanksgiving 2021
Thanksgiving 202123 photos
November ICCP Hunger Van
November ICCP Hunger Van10 photos
ICCP Vaccine Clinic
ICCP Vaccine Clinic6 photos
ICCP October Hunger Van
ICCP October Hunger Van6 photos
Mawlid 2021
Mawlid 202154 photos
ICCP Hunger Van
ICCP Hunger Van9 photos
First Day of Sunday School
First Day of Sunday School18 photos
ICCP Tennis Program
ICCP Tennis Program13 photos
Hunger Van
Hunger Van9 photos
Eid al Adha 1442
Eid al Adha 144225 photos
ICCP Summer Camp - July 2021
ICCP Summer Camp - July 202117 photos
Sunday School Camp - July 2021
Sunday School Camp - July 202116 photos
Annual Tajweed and Tarteel Recital
Annual Tajweed and Tarteel Recital8 photos
ICCP Vaccination Day
ICCP Vaccination Day12 photos
ICCP Summer Camp
ICCP Summer Camp15 photos
Eid Picnic 2021
Eid Picnic 202199 photos
Hunger Van - May 15
Hunger Van - May 156 photos
Mother's Day Video
Mother's Day Video
Eid al Fitr 2021
Eid al Fitr 202112 photos
ICCP Youth Circle Qiyam Night
ICCP Youth Circle Qiyam Night9 photos
ICCP YP Iftar4 photos
Youth Circle Jeopardy Night
Youth Circle Jeopardy Night3 photos
ICCP 7th Anniversary
ICCP 7th Anniversary8 photos
April 17 Hunger Van
April 17 Hunger Van5 photos
ICCP Youth Circle Ramadan Reboot
ICCP Youth Circle Ramadan Reboot9 photos
MARCH 2021 Hunger Van
MARCH 2021 Hunger Van8 photos
February Hunger Van
February Hunger Van8 photos
January 2021 Hunger Van
January 2021 Hunger Van8 photos
December 2020 Hunger Van
December 2020 Hunger Van8 photos
November 2020 Hunger Van
November 2020 Hunger Van10 photos
Interfaith Thanksgiving 2020
Interfaith Thanksgiving 20208 photos
ICCP Social Services - October 2020
ICCP Social Services - October 20209 photos
October 2020 Hunger Van
October 2020 Hunger Van21 photos
ICCP Social Services
ICCP Social Services11 photos
ICCP Outdoor Jumu'ah
ICCP Outdoor Jumu'ah7 photos
Labor Day 2020 Hunger Van
Labor Day 2020 Hunger Van10 photos
Eid Al-Adha Food Distribution
Eid Al-Adha Food Distribution6 photos
June 27, 2020 Hunger Van
June 27, 2020 Hunger Van11 photos
ICCP Food Distribution
ICCP Food Distribution15 photos
ICCP Sister's Bistro
ICCP Sister's Bistro12 photos
ICCP Ramadan Food Distribution
ICCP Ramadan Food Distribution13 photos
ICCP Hunger Van Video
ICCP Hunger Van Video
Sunday School
Sunday School7 photos
Taste of France
Taste of France14 photos
Hunger Van Special Project
Hunger Van Special Project10 photos
Taste of Indonesia
Taste of Indonesia13 photos
A Taste of Egypt
A Taste of Egypt9 photos
ICCP Hunger Van
ICCP Hunger Van6 photos
ICCP Seniors Club: Soup and Salad Social
ICCP Seniors Club: Soup and Salad Social5 photos
ICCP Youth Circle - Meet the Mentors
ICCP Youth Circle - Meet the Mentors33 photos
ICCP Scouts and Community Hike
ICCP Scouts and Community Hike15 photos
MoCo MLK Day of Service 2020
MoCo MLK Day of Service 20208 photos
MLK Interfaith Service at Cedar Lane Church
MLK Interfaith Service at Cedar Lane Church8 photos
ICCP Hunger Van
ICCP Hunger Van12 photos
Meals With our Neighbors
Meals With our Neighbors9 photos
Interfaith Event
Interfaith Event8 photos
Dec. 21, 2019 Hunger Van
Dec. 21, 2019 Hunger Van17 photos
Meals with our Neighbors
Meals with our Neighbors9 photos
ICCP Thanksgiving 2019
ICCP Thanksgiving 201911 photos
Interfaith Thanksgiving 2019
Interfaith Thanksgiving 20196 photos
November 16, 2019 Hunger Van
November 16, 2019 Hunger Van12 photos
ICCP Candy Hunt!
ICCP Candy Hunt!11 photos
October 19, 2019
October 19, 201911 photos
September 28, 2019 Hunger Van
September 28, 2019 Hunger Van9 photos
August 17, 2019  Hunger Van
August 17, 2019 Hunger Van17 photos
YP BBQ5 photos
ICCP Lecture Series
ICCP Lecture Series4 photos
ICCP Hunger Van
ICCP Hunger Van23 photos
ICCP Boy Scout Troop 195
ICCP Boy Scout Troop 1957 photos
Hunger Van July 20,2019
Hunger Van July 20,2019
ICCP Youth Group - Senior Home Visit
ICCP Youth Group - Senior Home Visit18 photos
Eid al Fitr picnic 2019
Eid al Fitr picnic 201926 photos
Sunday School Graduation
Sunday School Graduation20 photos
ICCP Eid al Fitr 1440
ICCP Eid al Fitr 144020 photos
ICCP Youth Qiyam Night
ICCP Youth Qiyam Night18 photos
ICCP Lungi Night
ICCP Lungi Night4 photos
ICCP Interfaith Iftar
ICCP Interfaith Iftar15 photos
First Day of Sunday School

18 Photos

Eid Picnic 2021

99 Photos

ICCP Hunger Van

9 Photos