RAHAT Program

RAHAT Program

Accommodating Families with Special Needs and Disabilities.


ICCP’s RAHAT program is committed to creating an inclusive environment for families and community members with Special Needs. We will be partnering with the organization, MUHSEN.

To help us help you, please complete the Muhsen Needs Assessment Survey. All responses are confidential and will only be provided to the MUHSEN team.

We’re looking for young adults (high-school age) and older to be part of our volunteer team. If interested, please send your name and contact information to diba.rab@gmail.com. We will contact you for local MUHSEN-led training programs or activities that may need volunteer services.

Accessible parking spots, wheelchair accessible entrances, wheelchairs for use, handicap restroom and Braille Qur’an by request. For more information, or if you have other needs not mentioned, please contact: diba.rab@gmail.com or support@iccpmd.org